Choosing Student Accommodations in Netherlands

Study in Netherlands

Since Netherland has become so popular as a college destination country for International students, the number of student accommodations are also increasing. According to data, the percentage of availability of accommodation actually increased by 71% from 2009. If you choose to study in Netherland for Indonesian, then there are some student accommodation options available for you.

Campus accommodation

Unlike other European countries, Netherland students usually do not live in the campus dormitories. There are even some universities here have no campus dormitories at all. Most universities also provide you with assistance to international students who attend the Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programs to get their accommodations. There are some universities cooperate with property agents who help you accommodation for international students and the number of available rooms are limited.

Off-campus accommodations

As mentioned before that some universities do not have dormitories working with the property agents to provide you with off-campus accommodation. This accommodation can be a studio or an apartment. For example, Utrecht University provides you with SSH (Short Stay Special) accommodation for international students and exchange students. You can get a single room with some facilities and locate not too far away from the campus.

Student Hotels

Students who live in Amsterdam, Liege, Rotterdam, or The Hague can rent fully furnished rooms in student hotels. Each hotel has a library, kitchen, shared longer and even a catering menu. The rooms or suites can be booked per night, per semester or even a year as well. the rental fees per night start at € 50 (US $ 69), while fees per semester start at € 595 (the US $ 825). The student hotel also tries to have an active student community, so they also hold various events to provide opportunities for students to get along each other. Room bookings can be done online in their official sites.

Renting your own accommodation

In Netherland, there are apartments which can be rented for international students. However,  they might prioritize the local residents and rental prices for International students are higher. Depending on the size and location of the apartment, the cots of renting an apartment in Amsterdam range from € 300- € 600. Find out the property in Netherland can be pretty difficult for international students. You can use the property agent service. There are many property owners do not advertise their rooms or apartments. They prefer to accept students who are recommended by someone that they already know. Choose your best accommodation to study in Netherland for Indonesian.