DAAD Scholarship in Germany – Everything You Need to Know

Get scholarship in Germany

One of the popular scholarships for students who want to study in Germany is DAAD. This scholarship will be perfect the most for those who want to get financial aid while studying in the country. With a wide range of educational programs offered, there will be plenty of options available for you. Find out everything you need to know about the DAAD scholarship in Germany in this following article.

DAAD Scholarship – Overview

DAAD scholarship stands for Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst. The scholarships offer study opportunities for international students who want to pursue qualified education programs in universities in Germany. The main purpose of the DAAD scholarship in Germany is to give an opportunity for students from developing countries to get high-quality education in German universities. There are a lot of degree programs offered by this DAAD scholar which taught both in Germany and English. The basic requirement needed to get this scholarship is two years of professional work experience. Meanwhile, the duration study under DAAD scholarships should 12 months at a minimum and 36 months max.

Why Choosing the DAAD Scholarship?

There are many reasons to apply for a DAAD scholarship in Germany. It provides a lot of benefits that international students can enjoy. Along with monthly living expenditures, you can also enjoy some travel grant and health insurance allowance by winning this scholarship in Germany. Here are some other benefits you can get from DAAD scholars.

  1. For postgraduate students, there will be monthly stipend as much as 750 Euros awarded to them.
  2. Meanwhile, there will be a monthly stipend of 1000 Euros given to those who pursue doctoral degree programs in Germany.
  3. One of the nicest things about this DAAD scholarship is that there will be health coverage and insurance provided. This facility is given to both doctoral and master degree course students in Germany universities.
  4. If you need to come back to your country during the term holiday, there are also some travel grant offered. They will be provided for both the students of master and doctoral programs.
  5. You can also enjoy free education in German universities. The admission committees are those who decide the type of funding given to you. It can be fully funded or partially funded. The type of funding will be based on your qualification and the letter of scholarship application you make.
  6. Another benefit that students can get from the DAAD scholarship is free accommodation. This facility can be used by the students inside the university dorm.