Cheap Private Universities in Germany

German Universities

Most German universities are public universities. In fact, about 95 per cent of all universities in Germany is actually public universities. Students who attend public universities have the advantage of only paying a small amount of money to attend. In private universities, students have to pay more for their tuition. However, this is worth the extra cost for some because in private universities, the classes are much smaller and the university tends to be more global in scope. While that extra cost could be expensive, there are some that offer considerably cheap prices. These are some of the cheapest private universities in Germany.

Friedensau Adventist University

This university was founded in 1899 and was originally a theological seminary and training centre. The school then broaden its studies by opening a school of social sciences in the early 1990s. The programs in the school of social sciences in this university tend to be quite affordable, where all of the degrees cost less than $15.000 for the entire degree. However, it is required for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees to have the general qualification and degree for university entrance. International students are also able to apply, as long as they are eligible.

The FOM University of Applied Science for Economics and Management

The FOM University of Applied Science for Economics and Management offers unique programs for working professionals. This university allows you to work full time while earning your degree. That way, you can pursue education while still saving some money. That is the advantage of this university when compared to a lot of universities in Germany. Most of the degrees offered in this university are business-oriented. But other degrees such as the bachelor or arts, science, or law are also available. Because you can work full time, courses are usually held in the evenings, on the weekends, or for two days during the week. The tuition fee is around $15.000 to get a full degree.

SRH Hochschule Berlin

The last cheap private university on this list is SRH Hochschule Berlin. In this university, students can get their bachelor’s and masters’ degree. Most of the programs offered here are also business-oriented and the tuition cost for a bachelor’s degree is about $25.000 for the entire program. Although this is somewhat a little pricier, it is still considered quite affordable when it comes to private universities. Admission to this university is pretty basic and generally non-competitive.

There you have it folks, some private universities that aren’t going to make you extremely broke. While public universities are great, private universities give you that extra opportunity to excel. That is why you should consider these private universities in Germany.