DAAD Scholarships: The Best Master Degree Scholarship in Europe if You Are Planning to Study in Germany

Scholarship in Europe

Studying in Europe is probably one of the things that a lot of folks want, and if you are one of those folks interested to do such a thing, then you really have to apply for a master degree scholarship in Europe. There are many opportunities for you to do that, and many countries are willing to accept you in provided you are capable enough in their eyes.

One such country that is willing to accept you in is Germany. As a matter of fact, Germany got this scholarship program called DAAD scholarships that will allow you to further your studies there. This is cool simply because Germany is one of the most advanced nations in the world, and many people would cheat, steal, lie and (probably) kill to get a chance to study there.

For today’s article, we would like to talk more about DAAD and what you have to do to get accepted by it. Let us start with the basics first, which is what on earth is DAAD.

DAAD explained

DAAD is the abbreviation for this master degree scholarship in Europe in case you hadve not noticed, and – roughly translated – DAAD means German Academic Exchange Service. If you wonder why the full form words do not start with the same letters as the abbreviation, DAAD is actually the Germanic abbreviation. Why not abbreviate the English definition, you ask? Because it will be the butt end of gay jokes or it will remind the people of German of their ultra-nationalist past. We do not know which one is worse, but they are all bad.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information on how many people will be accepted into the program. Germans like to keep their secrets close to their chest, after all. You have to be someone from a developing country as well, so if you are a citizen of the United States, then tough luck for you.

What are the fields of study that you can pursue here?

Not as much as other scholarship programs, but there are still plenty of options for you to choose from. Economic sciences, business administration, political economics, engineering and related sciences, mathematics, medicine and public health, and many more.

While all of them are all good, we recommend you get the engineering one because German engineering is probably one of the best in the world. In fact, a lot of people even mention how this is the best master degree scholarship in Europe if you are going to pursue an Engineering degree.